Alexander McQueen Accessories Have Arrived at Garment Quarter

Men! Women! Goths! Rejoice!

Let me tell you something, pal. At Garment Quarter, we are at the forefront of the fashion conscience, mate. We’re ruthless in our intrepid pursuit of bringing you the best of the best. We’ve got a little room in the basement of Garment Quarter Towers, (I won’t call it a dungeon, that would be a malapropism, but for the sake of imagery, it’s probably easiest to just imagine a dungeon) where we pin up the best designers in the world and come up with evil schemes proactive strategies on how we can secure the latest and greatest from the world of luxury fashion.

Well, well LOOK WHAT WE’VE GONE AND DONE. Our evil scheming hard work has paid off, in a major way. Last week, we announced that we had secured Alexander McQueen for AW18. This week, the Alexander McQueen accessories arrived in store and online. Feast your eyes on these little beauties.

Alexander McQueen Full Skull Scarf – £235

Alexander McQueen Skull Clasp Wallet With Chain – £780

Alexander McQueen Thin Twin Skull Ring – £145

Alexander McQueen Card Holder With Skull – £115

Alexander McQueen Spider Ring – £245

Alexander McQueen Thin Skull Bracelet – £145

All of these accessories are available online and in our Bristol store. You better act quick before the goths catch wind. I’m not sure if they’ve got phones or access to the internet, but as soon as they find out about this they’ll be gone like *that*.

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