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Garment Quarter

QRTR Launches Second Collection Exclusively at Garment Quarter

QRTR have celebrated the reopening of Garment Quarter's flagship store by releasing two new designs.

Available exclusively at Garment Quarter, the Bristol based brand create designs that work with unpredictability and adaptability, featuring reflective materials and futuristic imagery.

"The collection features iconography based around adaptability": Mikey Barker, QRTR designer

In the current climate, adaptability is a prized commodity. With situations constantly changing and the way in which we live our lives subject to monumental changes on a day by day basis, Mikey has had to be fluid with his designs.

"The original idea was to put solar panel piping into garments, so that you could walk around and produce energy that you could use to charge your phone and things like that, to reduce the reliance on traditional power sources."

"The first collection was a testing ground, we played it a bit safe. The latest release is a first look at the wider scope of imagery that inspires the vision behind QRTR."

"Working within fashion, with the clothes that we work with, I’ve learnt a lot from observation. We’re lucky nowadays, you don’t have to be a designer to design clothes, it’s more about being a visualist. If you have a strong vision of what you like, you can find a team that can help you bring that vision to life."

The Towards Another World T-Shirt was conceptualised during the height of lockdown, with cabin fever at an all time high. Mikey explains the vision behind the other worldly design.

"Towards another world. It's about striving for something better. A collective thought for people who aren't content with the world in its current state. The print was definitely influenced by lockdown."

You can shop the entire QRTR collection exclusively at Garment Quarter, online & in store now.