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QRTR - Men

Exclusive to Garment Quarter, QRTR is a clothing line inspired by a dystopian proxi-future. Ominous iconography is combined with practical designs that offer multi-functional purposes. Taking action against the damage being done to the planet, QRTR is committed to combatting climate change by choosing smart fashion over fast fashion.

Showing 4 products

Showing 4 products

The first collection uses the layered QRTR logo to represent the bridging of the gap between the present and the proxi-future, with a focus on the preservation of Generation Alpha. From glow in the dark material to up-cycled bag straps, there’s an emphasis on flexibility throughout the collection. A common theme running through the designs is the ability to adapt to your surroundings. The result is a collection of designs that align with living in 2020. It’s the future, make it what you want.