Neil Barrett

Founded in 1999, following on from his previous experience at Gucci and Prada, Neil Barrett opened his namesake, luxury fashion house. Delivering innovative and distinctive designs in the shape of urban streetwear, Neil Barrett creates modern interpretations of a daily uniform, alongside statement streamline trends of the 21st century. The thunderbolt lightning graphic is at the forefront of the brands most striking designs and has become instantly recognizable, printed across t-shirts, sweats and accessories.

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The British designer, Neil Barrett, takes his inspiration from his upbringing surrounded by well-dressed men working on the uniforms of the military. Marking the creative, precision and care he places upon his own designs, Barrett followed in the family footsteps, going on to work for Gucci and Prada. With a clear eye for tailoring, each design from the namesake label showcases clean lines, sharp silhouettes and monochromatic colorways. Seamlessly breaching the gap between the classic and the contemporary, the label defies timeless menswear staples with a hint of streetwear aesthetics. Shop the collection of Neil Barrett available at Garment Quarter today.