Vivienne Westwood Accessories

A meticulous researcher and an unashamed ‘plunderer’ of the past, Vivienne Westwood has continually raided historical fashions to create some of contemporary fashion’s most original looks. Renowned for her parodying of English looks and her innovative take on traditional tailoring, her designs reference historical styles with a hint of the archetypal punk look. From jewelry, to belts, to handbags in all different shapes and sizes, each accessory courtesy of Vivienne Westwood showcases the symbolic, and forever iconic, orb logo. With bags created to hold all of the essentials; as described in the ‘80s - cigarettes, a lighter and lipstick, each bag is symbolic to British icons and designers. Blending the lines between provocative wear and graceful designs, each piece is delicately crafted from premium fabrics. Explore the range of Vivienne Westwood accessories today available at Garment Quarter.

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