Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

As the embodiment of British fashion, along with punk rebellion and iconic staples, Dame Vivienne Westwood and her distinctive personality have rocked the fashion world since 1971.Upon entering the ‘80s, the synonymous orb emblem was born by combining the Royal British symbol seen on the crown jewels and rings of Saturn. Westwood, who admired the deep history of the monarchy and astronomy, wanted to pay homage to both interests. Still standing today, the iconic symbol is globally recognized as the pinnacle of Vivienne Westwood and sits delicately upon each piece of jewellery.

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The Dame of fashion, the co-founder of the punk movement and a true British icon; Vivienne Westwood, lives upon the ethos of ‘quality not quantity’. Built on the desire of making a statement; the British fashion house explores political activism and since 1971 has become the voice of those who want to stand out and speak for something. Since the queen of punk fashion was 17, she has hand made and sold her own jewellery from market stalls. With an ability to synthesize clothing and music that shaped the 1970’s UK punk scene, Westwood dominated the fashion world with her instantly recognizable space monarch logo. Elevate your accessory collection with a touch of glam, rock and daring embellishments courtesy of Vivienne Westwood Jewellery this season, available at Garment Quarter.