Women's Vivienne Westwood Collection

Famed for her edgy appearance and no nonsense values, the Women's Vivienne Westwood collection takes no prisoners. Instantly recognisable thanks to her quirky styling, WomensVivienne Westwood pieces are nothing short of a masterpiece. With an eclectic selection of clothing and accessories, the Women's Vivienne Westwood collection has everything you need to carry you through the seasons.

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But don’t be fooled by her evolving collections, Vivienne Westwood is not a fan of fast fashion. Her passion for sustainability is a key part of her creations, with her famous tagline “Buy less, choose well” going against everything the fast paced fashion industry stands for, so it’s no surprise she is the queen of rebellion with her outspoken views.

So, whether it’s the finishing touches or a wardrobe overhaul, shop Women's Vivienne Westwood at Garment Quarter with flexible payment options on every purchase.