Vivienne Westwood

As the co-founder of the punk movement, Dame Vivienne Westwood injects this music memorabilia, rebellion and a touch of her own unique personality into each of her designs. From teddy boy fashion, to biker clothing, to extreme provocative designs and messages – the British designer transformed sexual fetishism into fashion. With a distinctive personality, and an unmistakable character that resonates in everything she does, Vivienne Westwood has flown the flag for Britain across a universe of style-based, and political adversity.

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Recognized all over the globe, the British power house is built upon an indisputable purpose, a strong set of values and a world-changing image. Since the beginning, Vivienne Westwood has traditional fabrics from the UK that remain essential to the design process, from Scottish Tartans, to Harris Tweed and Irish Linens. Paying homage to its roots, the iconic logo of Vivienne Westwood was born in the ‘80s. The symbolic orb motif was inspired by the royal iconography of Britain, and intended to represent the importance of the past, whilst the rings of Saturn signify the future. Available at Garment Quarter, shop the Vivienne Westwood collection, from clothing to footwear.